How to log out from your Terabox

How to log out from your Terabox Account? Easy Process in 2024

How to log out from your Terabox Account? Terabox is one of the fast-growing cloud storage platforms that offers 1024 GB of free space to all individuals. However, it has some drawbacks while storing any files on its server. To get rid of these drawbacks you must log out of Terabox.

It is an important security measure to protect your account and put a stop to unofficial access. Whether you’re using a mobile or desktop, the following steps that I outlined will guide you through the final process of logging out.

How do you log out on a Mobile Device?

To log out from the Terabox account using your mobile device, the official app must be installed on your device. You can only log out from this application by following the step-by-step process provided below.

  • So step number one open the TeraBox app on your mobile device. If you have no subscription plan then skip the ads.
  • Next step click on here for profile.
  • Here you can see an option called settings just click on that.
  • As soon as you click that you will be redirected to the settings of this app. On this page, a red button will be visible to you log out. Just hit the button.
  • After clicking on that button a pop-up will appear. Click on the confirm button.

So dear friends your Terabox account has been logged out from your mobile device.

How to log out from your Terabox Account using your PC?

If your Terabox account is logged on your PC, then the logging out process is more simple than the mobile method. Follow the below steps to complete the logging out process from your PC.

  • Firstly open any browser on your PC and search on the search bar.
  • After visiting the website you will see your profile in the top right corner.
  • Just take your mouse to the profile section and the dropdown menu will appear. The sign-out option will be visible to you on the last.
  • Click on the sign-out option using your mouse and a notice pop-up will come into view.
  • Click on the “OK” button and you will be logged out from your account.

Your session will end and you will be logged out of Terabox.

Reasons to Log out of Terabox

Logging out of Terabox not only protects your account but also helps with the following options:

1. Prevent unauthorized access: The logging out process ensures no one else can access your account while you’re away.

2. Conserve resources: Also, it helps free up your device’s system resources, such as memory and storage space.

3. Maintain privacy: Logging out from Terabox prevents others from accessing any sensitive information that you have stored on this platform.


Remember, logging out is an essential security estimate, so it’s important to practice it regularly. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to Terabox support for further assistance. 🔒


In conclusion, the logging I would process is very simple and easy to perform. I already made you understand how to log out from your Terabox account using mobile or PC you can see all the steps are outlined with proper images.

It is very important to log out of Terabox because there is news that some personal details of several users have been leaked. Therefore we always suggest that after using the Terabox app you always log out from your account.

FAQs and Answers

Terabox is secure for some cases but I suggest that you store some unnecessary files that have big size of downloads. Another thing is never to store personal details or any important documents.

The reason for logging out from Terabox is it is not fully secure and may cause some viruses that’s why we need to log out every time after using the application.

Yes, of course, you must delete your Terabox account when your work is done because Terabox is not a fully secure application that I have explored. Sometimes they can leak your details or images.

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