How to Change Audio Language in Terabox

How to Change Audio Language in Terabox? Easy Method in 2024

Changing the audio language is more important while watching any video or movie in Terabox. Everyone always wants to watch their favorite shows in their local language and audio plays an important role in this option. Sometimes the language of any foreign movie or TV show may not be their mother tongue. That’s why today I will show you how to change audio language in Terabox easily without facing any problems.

How to Change Audio Language in Terabox?

You must log into your account before changing the audio. So let’s get started on the changing process of audio in the Terabox application.

  1. Start Terabox: Open the Terabox app on your mobile device and go to the video section.
  2. Select Video: Select the video you want to watch and switch to landscape mode to get the best view.
  3. Find Audio Settings: Check the three dots icon on the top right corner and click on it. After clicking on it a sidebar will come to out.
  4. Select the language: On that sidebar, an option will be visible to you called audio tracks. You will be able to see there are many languages to choose from. So select the audio language in which you want to watch the video.
  5. Close audio settings: After choosing the audio close the audio settings by clicking on the cross icon after that video will play from the beginning in your preferred language.


Remember that all video files do have not the same language list. There are some videos you may find that are not available in your local language.

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Useful features in Terabox videos

The audio language is not the only option in Terabox Videos, there are multiple features available you can explore and make your viewing experience enjoyable.

1. High-Resolution Selection


If you want to watch the video in high resolution, yes you can do it but there are some limitations. You can only watch in 360p and 480p on the Terabox free account and on the other hand HD and full HD are available on premium. 

2. Large Storage Space


Terabox became more popular because it provides 1024 GB of cloud storage for new customers. When you use the app for a long time it will provide you another free 1024 GB of cloud storage. Therefore the tension of storing big-size files ends.

3. Easy to Navigate


Also, another great feature of Terabox is its user-friendly interface that helps users navigate all the sections without facing any lagging or slow internet problems. They don’t need to worry about the performance of this app because the UI is so lightweight.

4. Video Playback Speed

Video Playback Speed

Some videos are too slow or too fast at normal speed. The understanding of the video depends on the playback speed. You can change the playback speed by downgrading to 0.75x or upgrading to 1.25x, 1.5 weeks, and 2x, etc.

5. Several Video Formats

No more compatibility headaches! Terabox handles all your video formats, from MP4 to WMV and AVI, so you can easily share, play, and enjoy them without any fuss. Sign up today and experience effortless video management!


So Terabox has the feature of changing audio language in your local mother tongue or any other language that you want to watch. Some extraordinary features are also available in Terabox while watching any videos or movies that I have discussed. You can easily change your audio language by using the above method guided by a step-by-step process.

So dear friends thank you for visiting us to find the solution to how to change audio language in Terabox. I would motivated if you comment on your experience by reading this article in the comments section.

FAQs and Answers

You can only change audio for those videos that have multiple audio options available.

Yes, you can select Hindi on a Terabox video if it is available on the video.

Yes, you can increase or decrease the volume of any video by using the volume bar.

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